Digitisation Is Helping to Deliver Goods Faster

Digitisation is transforming the way supply chains work every single day. There is an unprecedented amount of information available to organizations to trace their goods, predict what interference may arise, and adjust course accordingly. Historical forecasting cannot keep par with the on-demand needs of 2020 and beyond, and organizations like ORSAY, Morrisons, and even tech giant Intel found savings within days of implementing AI-based technologies from Blue Yonder. What are you waiting for? *As of February 2020, JDA Software is Blue Yonder. This article from The Economist outlines varying types of digitisation that are changing the game for supply chains around the globe. From IoT sensors emitting humidity and temperature readings, to cross border blockchain transaction traceability, to global visibility and beyond, this paper will shed light on emerging technologies enabling and empowering organizations to optimize the way their supply chain functions.